Good Grief Workshop:

“I mentioned that I am proactive in my grief and that if I took away only one thing from the workshop I would be satisfied. I have taken many things” MR

End-of-Life Coaching:

“When Marieke walked into my sister’s room the first time, everything went calm. She talked with so much clarity about what we could and shouldn’t expect in the time to come, and everything was exactly like she said. We could call on her when ever we panicked, she was always available when we needed her. I can’t thank her enough for taking the fear out of this experience. My sister died surrendered and in peace when we were all ready for it” WN

Grief Coaching:

“Marieke, thank you for being a safe person and for creating a safe place and being the person that you are to go to with my concerns when I wasn’t feeling safe” MW

Woman Empowerment Coaching:

“Marieke is Kind and Compassionate and was a gift from God for me.” SR

End-of-Life Coaching:

“My husband had many acquaintances in his life but was quite selective in his choice of friendships. With Marieke’s personality, her sense of humor, her kindness and her ability to put him at ease with things he wasn’t comfortable expressing made for a quick, deep friendship. Frankly, I believe it was the twinkle in their blue eyes that caused some kind of sparkle between the two of them”. HK