Elder Coaching

Our life is like a book with many chapters. The chapter of Elderhood is a chapter with many very unique dynamics, transitions and transformations.

For many elders there is much unspoken grief. Losses of independence, physical ability, mobility, their home, often a spouse and often health, call for tremendous mental emotional adjustments. When elders live in a care community, their surroundings and fellow residents remind them daily of their approaching end-of-life, which can be very confronting and scary.

Many elders feel bored, unneeded and lonely, which leads to many forms of mental, emotional and spiritual pain. Their generations also weren’t raised to ask for what they need and they rather “suffer in silence”, than be needy!

It may be time to re-empower you or your beloved Elder and to make life more meaningful and enjoyable.

As an Elder Coach I guide and assist my clients when they are challenged in this phase of life. I make house calls and through relaxed conversations and careful listening I get an idea of the context of my clients’ lives and how they function within it. I discover which dynamics are an influence and how through subtle changes, we can find ways to make the days, months and years ahead more meaningful and fulfilling.

I am a safe place for their expression of worries and needs, building meaningful and reliable relationships in the meantime.