Pregnancy and Intuitive Mothering

One of the most profound and influencing life experiences for a woman, is when life grows under her heart and she prepares for the birth of her child. The magnitude of this miracle has yet to be outmatched.

The quality of a pregnancy is largely determined by the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellness of the mother. While her child forms inside its liquid surroundings, it picks up on everything happening to the mother on a deep, intuitive level.

If you are pregnant or mothering a young child, creating a deep intuitive connection with yourself, your body and your child, may deepen your experience, while practicing self-awareness and personal growth.

Trusting your body and feeling empowered will help you to look forward to and feel confident about the birth and mothering.

Your unborn child is open to connecting with you! Maybe you can feel your baby respond when you place your hand on your belly. There are intuitive ways to communicate with your child, which can strengthen the bond and create closeness, comfort and a deep sense of safety for both you and the baby.

Pregnancy is a great time to practice self-awareness. Your body will demand attention as it changes around your baby. You may need more rest and sleep than you are used to. Now is time to practice good sleeping habits, as you will need all the rest you can get once your child is born. Going with the flow of the demands of your body, and taking time for yourself, will naturally open you up to your inner wisdom to guide you through the process. You can learn to pick up on your body’s and your baby’s signals for your and its well-being.

Are you concerned or afraid about the birth or motherhood? This may be because you don’t know what you are up against, or maybe you have had a difficult experience in the past. Perhaps you have heard stories from others that have scared you. Your intuition will bring you closer to yourself, your body and your baby so you can look forward to the birth more confidently. The more relaxed you are through the process, the more you and your baby will benefit.

Are you having difficulties making decisions for yourself or your baby? Are you afraid of doing things “wrong”? Your intuition can help you choose what is right for you and your baby. You have all the answers you need within. Your inner wisdom is available to you all the time, you just need to learn to tap into it.

Intuitive Mothering coaching is personal and will usually consist of 5 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours at a location of client’s choice. The mother is the client and if she desires, her partner is welcome to join.

Cost: $95 first session (1.5 hours)
Following sessions $60 / hour
Packages available.