Teens and Adolescents

Today’s world is not an easy one for our teens and young adults. Their still growing brains are overstimulated and over-informed. They live in changing, hormone-raging bodies.
The social distance between them and their parents (baby boomers or children of the baby-boomers) is overall bigger than ever before in history.

Many kids are having a tough time. School, peer pressure, parental pressure, fear of the future. There are so many things of influence at this age. They don’t want to be struggling, but they can’t help themselves!

From a soft place of kindness and non-judgment I will listen to the child and discover with them what they are experiencing and why. If they can be freed of their deepest fears, angers, sorrows, and other emotions, they can become the whole people they are meant to be and move more freely and more fully into their future.

Kids may be experiencing and feeling challenged by:

– Low self-esteem and/or little confidence
– Feeling misunderstood, unloved and sometimes unlovable
– Pressure (school, parents, peers)
– Changes in the family situation (loss or divorce), loss of security
– High sensitivity
– Understanding their emotions, recognizing and expressing them
– Social abilities, connecting, communicating
– Difficulty concentrating
– Physical complaints without a medical explanation (nausea, headaches, belly aches)

I connect kids to their senses and their inner wisdom, so they can tap into their own resources as they learn to understand their growing pains. I connect them with their intuition, so they can utilize it and feel its power. I help them to go from thinking to feeling, which is where the answers lay.

Sometimes I offer “assignments” to work on at home. These may include family members.

Parents are invited to sit in on my first session with their child. From there on, I meet with the child alone unless there is mutual agreement with the child that the parent(s) be included.

Cost: first session $95.00 (1.5 hours)
Following sessions $60.00/hour
Packages available: 5 sessions 10% discount
10 sessions 20% discount