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Of course there are many more transformations through our lifetime. Life means growing and stretching, and stretching sometimes hurts.

In short: going through the process of life isn’t easy. Sometimes we lose our sense of self, our direction and sometimes our purpose.

As a transformational life coach, I assist my clients and sometimes their families through the mental emotional and spiritual aspects of life’s natural transformations, such as adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy and mothering, parenting, midlife, end-of-life and grief.

Being highly intuitive and spiritually connected, I will listen, observe, and offer guidance through your process, and new or different ways of understanding yourself and the world around you. Sometimes gaining a clearer understanding of who and where you are, will clear your mind and path, so you can be more confident and joyful in your present moment and feel hopeful as you move into your future.

Holistic is an approach to wellness that recognizes that we are more than just a body with a brain. The body and mind are tools for our soul (or spirit, or life force) to being-human, while learning and evolving on its path. Our life is enhanced by social interactions and relationships with others around us, which have an important influence on who we are as personalities.

All these different parts of us work, play, experience and learn together. When one of our parts is out of sync, it will always have an effect on the other parts.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) observes behaviors and the thoughts that drive them. What we believe, leads to our thoughts, leading to feelings, which leads our behavior. Our behavior creates our experiences which ALWAYS reflect what we believe. And so we are back at the beginning.

When your life experiences are not fulfilling or joyful, NLP offers wonderful tools to help you become aware of the beliefs that drive them, by observing them and questioning their truth and value and making changes to create more positive outcomes.

You are not the victim of your life. Life doesn’t happen TO you, but for your learning and ongoing growth. Growth means stretching in every way, which can be painful, but always fulfilling.

You can (re)create your mental, emotional, and physical state of well-being in every split second of any phase of your life. There is growth in every single life experience.

Services offered

Adolescents Coaching
Pregnancy and Intuitive Mothering
Parents Coaching
Woman Empowerment
Elder Coaching
End-of-Life Coaching
Grief Coaching

And also:

* Hypnotherapy

* Grief coaching for groups and private, grief workshops

* Reiki energy work, mental and physical pain relief

* Regression/Time Line Therapy

* Public Speaking