Grief Coaching

Grief is the sum of thoughts, feelings and actions following a great loss or life change. Grief can be very overwhelming. Our society as a whole does not allow much opportunity to work through our grief, nor are we comfortable with the grief of others, so many of us get stuck in unresolved emotions, which hinder us in living successful and joyful lives.

Grief can be after, or in anticipation of, the death of a loved one, but just as well the loss of a pet, or a job. It can be a move, change in financial status or divorce. It may be an empty nest. Perhaps a health condition calls for change in functioning and/or lifestyle.

We all go through many grief experiences throughout our lifetime, even if we don’t know to recognize them as such. From a very young age, most of us are taught to suppress our feelings of anger, frustration and sorrow. Showing them often led to isolation (“go to your room”) or unhealthy ways to “forget” (get a new puppy or a cookie to stop the tears). We didn’t learn how to ask for support and feel like a burden to others, which often makes grief a lonely place to be.

If you feel stuck after a loss or other profound change in your life, uncovering, recognizing and externalizing what is happening within will help you move in a positive direction. There are many tools, which I can tell you about and teach you to use.

Cypress Healing offers ongoing interactive grief support for individuals and groups as well as workshops for churches, schools and communities. Please visit the classes page for more information.