End-of-Life Coaching

After hearing the news that you or a loved one is dying, it is likely and normal for you to be in shock and unsure about what to do next.

Your doctor is possibly even more uncomfortable with the situation than you are. Likely he or she isn’t available to walk you through your concerns, let alone your options and decisions.

You or your loved one may very likely still be in good physical condition and have no desire to turn to an organization like hospice. If hospice is involved, they may not be able to give enough one-on-one time to truly connect with your innermost needs.

And yet, as you stand frozen in your new knowledge and the world spins at high-speed around you, you need help to move forward and to know how to prepare and for what.

Death is, along with birth, the most natural and normal thing we all go through. Unfortunately we have become so disconnected from the process, that we don’t know how to die. Sometimes we are so afraid of it, that we pretend it isn’t happening at all, or feel as though life is over already. We must remember that dying is a part of life, for everybody! Yes, absolutely challenging, but so worth working towards the best quality possible!

There are many treasures hidden in the process, if you can overcome your fear and stress. Allow me to guide you mentally, emotionally, practically and spiritually to have hope, to feel loved, honored and safe as you make the very best of your time remaining! Allow me to help you feel heard and alive, so understanding and surrender may lead to a gentle transition when the time comes.

Some questions my clients often have:

* Where can I get honest information about my illness and its progression?
* How and to whom can I express what is happening within?
* Who needs to know about my situation and how can I tell them?
* How and where do I find hope, joy, and mental balance through the time to come?
* Who will help me make my many decisions for the immediate future?
* Which documents do I need to prepare?
* What are the things I want to do, who are the people to see and places to go, and how?
* What care options are available to me when I need them?
* What are my final wishes, such as where I want to be during the last part of my life, where I want to die, and who I want to have with me. How can I communicate these wishes?

We will discuss all of your questions and concerns in the comfort of your home or place of care. Experienced, well informed, and firmly connected in the provider networks, I will help create calmness, stability and safety in your experience.

Benefits for you and your family:

* You will feel reassured and safe knowing someone is available to you, who is comfortable with, experienced around, and knowledgeable about what you are going through.  You will have common sense guidance, wisdom and knowledge at your fingertips. I can be with you at the time of transition if you so desire.

* You and your family will see me as much and as often as you need, on your schedule. I guarantee high availability. Your mental, emotional and spiritual needs are my priority.

* You decide exactly how involved I become. You hold control of your process. You will feel honored, loved and respected.

* I visit you in your home and will advocate for, and help you organize to stay at home for as long as possible if that is what you want.
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