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The brand new Cypress Center, opened August 2016, is a resource for anyone dealing with the very specific and often difficult dynamics of dying, death and grief.

In this beautiful space, we create change in the way we look at, care for, and experience end-of-life and grief.

Someone in your close circle may be dying, perhaps you are their caregiver. Maybe you are dealing with deep loss and finding it hard to cope with daily life. You may be experiencing changes that make you feel isolated and alone.

We live in a time with dramatically changing demographics, combined with heavily burdened care systems. Most of us don’t like what we see and would choose to have more control over our own deaths and that of our loved ones.

As we age and medical advances allow us to live longer with terminal illness, many of us become dependent on others for daily care. Being a caregiver is not on most of our wishlists, yet most of today’s adults will become a caregiver to a loved one at some point in time. This is a scary idea for most of us, yet a century ago, it was the way of life. We cared for our own and we died with more quality of life and dignity than we do today.

The Cypress Center is a resource for the dying and their loved ones, caregivers, the bereaved, and anyone needing support through their experience. It is the safe place you need so you will not feel alone.

We teach bcoaching corneretter, gentler ways to approach the end of life and the grief that comes with it: a way that recognizes dying, death, and grief as natural, universal, and uniquely personal.

We help restore your innate ability to celebrate life, and honor its end with loving care, quality of life, respect and dignity for all involved.

We guide you and your loved ones to create a loving transition that will bring peace to the dying and beauty to the ones they leave behind.

We also focus on gentle and effective integration of loss and grief before and after a death.

Caregivers are not forgotten: programs and events are designed to remind them of their own importance and well-being.

We teach you how to put your and your loved one’s affairs in order, explain end-of-life care options, even help with the details of final arrangements. The Cypress Center offers ample space for personalized end-of-life celebrations and memorial gatherings.

We offer a broad program of courses, classes, creative workshops and supporworkshop areat groups on rotating schedules, so you can find the times that work for you and your circumstances.

Please explore the Center Programs for the most current list of offerings.

The Cypress Center’s non-medical approach is neither religious nor political. We embrace your beliefs and celebrate the truth in your heart.