Welcome to Cypress Healing.

Birth and Death are the two experiences shared by every person born on this earth, and while the birth of a baby is greeted with joy and hope for the future, death is often regarded with fear, apprehension, sadness and loss.

Death wasn’t always looked at that way. Less than a century ago, families were loving, multi-generational units that saw each other through all of life’s stages. Caring for an elder through illness and even death was something families embraced and understood as part of life.

Since then, medical science has given us greater control over illness and injury, and many of us live a long time with terminal disease. This has contributed to an understanding that dying is a medical event, rather than the very important, deeply personal and tribal passage of life that it is.

Outsourcing end-of-life care from the family home to care institutions has changed how we view and value our elders, and in the way we react to end-of-life issues, and to death itself.

At Cypress Healing we offer gentle ways to reconnect with the deeply meaningful aspects of end-of-life and grief through guidance, assistance, and coaching. Please visit the End-of-Life Coaching page for more information.

At The Cypress Center we invite laypeople and professionals to gather around the table in a safe place to learn, to share, to heal, and to prepare. Classes, workshops, events, and support groups are offered around the many dynamics of end-of-life and grief. If you are preparing for or healing from a death, if you are a caregiver, if you are looking for a place to explore and heal your grief, please visit The Cypress Center page for more information.


Our non-medical approach is neither religious nor political. We embrace your beliefs and celebrate the truth of your heart. Honor, dignity, and respect are our core values as we meet you where you are on your journey.